Welcome to Dough Drop!

We are Taylor and Shaylee Hayden, founders of Dough Drop. Ever since we were both young children we have had a love for culinary art and hosting. Combining both of our passions for food has brought some of our best memories as a married couple, as parents to our five sweet children, and moments with our extended family and friends.

Shaylee has always had a love for baked goods in particular. One of the first things her father taught her about baking was how to make a perfect chocolate chip cookie. At just the age of 5 she was able to mix up a full batch of cookies and bake them on her own. Every Sunday she and her father would bring cookies to the neighbors and see who's cookie they liked better. This was constantly challenging Shaylee to perfect her cookies which she is so thankful for. Thank you dad.

Shaylee's love for baking & Taylor's knowledge in business and finance has lead us to Dough Drop and we couldn't be more excited to share our delicious cookies with you.

Dough drop is a take and bake cookie company. We truly believe there is no better way to enjoy a cookie then fresh out of the oven when it is still warm and gooey in your mouth. Our Dough Drops are to be kept frozen until you are ready to bake. No thawing before baking necessary, just take from the freezer whenever you get that Dough Drop craving and place on the baking sheet to bake. Dough Drops are ideal for events, hosting, a cozy night at home.... well really any occasion. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to serving you the most delicious cookies!

With Love,

The Hayden Family

Cookies are Always a Good Idea